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How to Get a Head Start on Spring With a Bee Friendly Garden

From backyards to balconies, we all can plant a lil something to help out our pollinators. That being said, not all plants serve our bee friends the same way, so here’s a list of plants that attract bees! gardentips Not only do these plants provide a food source for our pollinators, but they also attract pollinators to your garden to help pollinate other plants. This is especially important for fruit and vegetable gardens! The pollinators will come to your garden for a bit of rosemary, but will stay for squash! Like regulars to a coffee shop, planting some of these plants as soon as possible will also create regulars! By having flowering plants throughout the season, bees, and butterflies will come to know your garden as THE spot! They will continue to come back and bring their friends with them! Creating a pollinator friendly space will not only help our pollinators, but will influence the ability to grow your own garden. You can’t spell beeutiful garden with out “bee”!