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Guilt-free Hazelnut Spread

Nutella lovers rejoice! We’ve got a sweet alternative to that nasty sugary spread we are all so addicted to! The raw cacao honey that we launched for Easter has already satisfied our chocoholics, but for all you nutella addicts, the craving is still there. So with this recipe, you can turn your raw cacao honey into a hazelnutty spread. , This easy (and I mean so easy a caveman can do it easy) B.I.Y chocolate hazelnut spread will have your cravings curbed while keeping things nutritious! Ingredients 3-4 tablespoons of BKN raw cacao honey ¼ cup of hazelnuts Pinch of salt 1 tablespoon of raw cacao powder (for those die hard chocoholics) Soak hazelnuts in water for 4 hours (Optional, but by soaking nuts it will help the body digest them easier!). Add the hazelnuts to a food processor or a bullet container. Add in the cacao honey, a pinch of salt and the extra cacao powder if desired. Blend until smooth. Enjoy on avocado toast, in coffee or on a spoon! Warning the spread is so good, sharing may be an issue! P.S. if you don’t have any raw cacao honey, simply replace it with any other kind of raw honey, and add 3 extra tablespoons of raw cacao powder.