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Ideas for a Father’s Day Adventure to Remember

Most of us either buy our father figure a set of power tools, or a last minute gift card to Canadian Tire. This year, we encourage you to reserve some time in the next few weeks and go on a memorable adventure instead! Not sure what to do? Here are a few easy and fun ideas! Father’s Day adventures Sporting event Got a sports fan on your hand? Whether it’s at a stadium or at a bar, take them out to watch the game! Mini golf Add in a pitcher of beer and some friendly competition, and you have the perfect Father’s Day! Wanna upgrade the experience? Grab a  bite afterward at your family’s favorite restaurant or fast food joint of choice. Beer, whiskey, or wine tour Drinks and family? Count us in! Take a trip into the city or out to the country, where you’ll be sure to find a tour hosted in local breweries, distilleries, and wineries. t Bonus, you might find your next favorite drink! Bingo night Yes, you heard us right! Bingo is no longer reserved for the elderly.  Bingo is popping up everywhere as the trendy new go-to for hipsters and families alike. Simply google a bingo spot near you and you’re set!   Bike, roller blade, or hike! Take it outdoors with a wheeled or walking adventure! Nothing like a little sweat to make a Father’s Day special, right? Throw in some ice cream, and you have the perfect day! There are tons of amazing trails, many of which people don’t know about. All you need is a quick google search and you will have a sweet adventure awaiting! Dinner On a tight schedule and only have time for dinner? Take out, dine out or homemade, what will matter most is that you took the time to be with your family! If you have time, throw in a game of cards or whatevergame you use to play together growing up. Trust us, there is nothing like beating your family at checkers to really say happy Father’s Day! Whatever you decide on, we hope you make some beeutiful memories this Father’s Day!