Hive-Powered Immunity and Focus

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  • Support your immune system with B.Immune Throat Spray, made with propolis: the immune system of the beehive. Propolis contains vitamin C, iron, zinc, B vitamins, and 300+ more beneficial compounds! We recommend 4 sprays right when you wake up. 
  • Banish brain fog with B.Smart Brain Fuel, a daily, caffeine-free shot made with three genius ingredients: royal jelly, bacopa monnieri, and ginkgo biloba. B.Smart promotes focus and mental clarity so you can have more “eureka!” moments at your desk.
  • BONUS GIFT: Soothe your scratchy throat with B.Soothed Honey Lozenges, uniquely clean cough drops that contain propolis, honey, vitamin D, zinc, and only one gram of sugar. 
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proven by science
Immunity Support

Hive-powered immune support.
Throat Soothing
Calm a scratchy throat with soothing, clean ingredients.
powered by propolis
Powered by Propolis
The beehive’s immune-supporting secret weapon.
3rd Party Lab Tested
To ensure your order arrives free of pesticides + heavy metals.

4 Reasons To Use B.Immune Propolis Spray

  • Support your immune system with four daily sprays. 
  • Experience propolis: the medicine of the beehive that contains vitamin C, iron, zinc, B vitamins, and 300+ more beneficial compounds!
  • Prioritize your health and well-being every day instead of waiting until you feel under the weather. 
  • A win for the bees. We practice sustainable beekeeping and 3rd party pesticide test all of our products. 

Meet Your New Support System

  • Beekeeper’s Naturals is the hive-powered, science-backed solution to staying healthy and feeling your best.
  • We tackle today’s most pressing health issues— from low immunity to brain fog to depleted energy—with smart formulas made from clean ingredients and sourced sustainably from our favorite pollinators. 
  • Propolis, the immune system of the beehive, is our all-star ingredient that contains vitamin C, zinc, iron, B vitamins, flavonoids, and more beneficial compounds.
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B.Immune Throat Spray
B.Immune Throat Spray (30ml)
  • Immune support in just four daily sprays.
  • Vitamin C, zinc, iron, flavonoids, and B vitamins.
  • TSA-Friendly.
$ 13.99
$ 10.49
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Bee-FF Immunity Kit
B. Immune 30ml x 2, Free Gift
  • Immune support in just four daily sprays.
  • Vitamin C, zinc, iron, flavonoids, and B vitamins.
  • FREE Lozenge 4 pack: Clean cough drops with
    propolis, honey, zinc, iron, and only 1g of sugar.
$ 27.98
$ 20.99
25% Off + Free Shipping
Hive Favorites
B. Immune 30ml x 2, B. Smart Brain Fuel 6 pack x 1, Free Gift
  • Immune support in just four daily sprays.
  • Focusing + brain fog-fighting.
  • FREE Lozenge 14 pack: Clean cough drops with
    propolis,honey, zinc, iron, and only 1g of sugar.
$ 57.97
$ 42.73
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Real Reviews

“Obsessed with this product! I feel as though I’m boosting my immune system with the best, cleanest ingredients.”
- Ali W.
Verified Buyer
“Absolutely love this stuff. Tastes great, and small, purse-size bottles make it simple to always have in your purse. Buying another four-pack right now to share with family and friends!”
-Ashley O.
Verified Buyer
“Great products. The Propolis spray is the best when you have [a] scratchy throat. Very soothing. Worth it!”
- Janet B.
Verified Buyer

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Don't be shy, Ask away

Where do you source your bee products from?
We love to talk about sourcing. All of our products come from small-scale, remote apiaries primarily across Canada and the US, as well as exotic regions around the world such as the Brazilian rainforest. We work with our apiary partners to ensure that our bee products are sustainably-sourced and of the highest quality. We always put the health of the bees first.
Why are bees so important to the planet?
Every third bite of food you eat comes from the bees. Without them, we’d lose apples, almonds, cucumbers, blueberries, broccoli, cauliflower, and more if the bees disappear. And that’s just one of the many consequences of losing our buzzing yellow friends.
If I’m allergic to bees, can I take your products?
There is rarely a correlation between allergies to bee stings (bee venom) and bee products. However, we always recommend consulting with a health professional in situations like this. Your safety is our number-one priority.
Are your products certified organic?
Our products are not certified organic, but we do third-party test all of our formulas for pesticides and heavy metals to ensure that we only bottle the very best ingredients.

Because bees fly and forage from areas far outside the certified organic radius, this certification doesn't have the same importance when you’re buying bee products as it does when you’re buying produce. What’s more, most small, sustainable beekeepers can't afford the certification process. The larger, commercial beekeepers who can pay for the certification don’t always practice sustainable beekeeping or treat their bees like family (as we do). Consider that food for thought next time you’re buying honey or clean medicines made with honey.
Did you change the name of your products?
We did, but the same formulas you love are still inside every bottle. What can we say, we’re just keeping you on your toes.

B.LXR Brain Fuel is now B.Smart Brain Fuel.
Propolis Throat Spray is now B.Immune Throat Spray.
Bee Pollen is now B.Fueled Bee Pollen.
B.Soothed Cough Syrup is now B.Better Cough Syrup.